Two approaches against suicide.

February 6, 2009

Two different organizations that work towards preventing people from committing suicide created each their own campaign. Which approach do you prefer? Art or Copy?

They’re both completely different, yet in the end work towards the same goal.

Campaign 1.


Towards: people who care about other people’s lives and want to help prevent suicide.

Versions: Gun, Noose.

Campaign 2.

From: Quit

Towards: People who are thinking of commiting suicide.

Versions:  Grandad, Novelist HammersProposal.

The image has a really long text, so click on the links to see them in a size in which you can fully appreciate them.

So, what do you think is more effective: a single image or a long text? Talking to the suicidal person or to those who can help?


One Response to “Two approaches against suicide.”

  1. pani said

    I really liked the long text ones. Except they aren’t for preventing suicides. They are to convince people to quit smoking, although I guess in a way you are killing yourself, slowly.
    I don’t think the first ad will prevent someone from committing suicide, but it might help people find out how they could help.

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