You* help spread child labor

January 30, 2009

If  I was a little bit unsure about how people would take the advertising on my first post, I think this one might just make you break your glass.

But is it effective?

I leave that to you.

Their strategy is to give special glasses to road-side teas stalls that commonly use children to sell tea in the streets.

So, picture this:

A child comes up to you offering you a glass of tea. You buy it, pay for it and drink it. As you near finishing it, you notice a red and white thing on the bottom. After you drink the tea you read the message at the bottom of the glass:

With each sip you’ve helped spread child labour.

Shocking? I think I wouldn’t buy anything from a child ever again. Would you?


2 Responses to “You* help spread child labor”

  1. pani said

    The idea is interesting, but I don’t think it will be effective. Once children realize what the glasses say they will stop using them. Children who work do it because they have no other choice, awareness should be made on more extreme situations than selling tea on the street.

    ps. a link to a higher resolution image of the ad? Can’t read the text

  2. rosciano said

    The children are probably getting paid more for distributing the special glasses, and how could you make awareness in a more extreme situation?? Obviously having kids selling tea is not the worst a child could be employed in, but how could you use a more extreme situation using alternative media?

    Here’s the link to a better image of the ad. Sorry I didn’t post it earlier.

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