What are the odds?

January 14, 2009

Will you get the black page or the white one?

Do you want to leave the posibility of contracting HIV to chance?

When I saw this ad I was reminded of an exercise I did in school once. You were to pretend you’re at a party meeting people, and you have to write down the names of at least 3 people, in a room of around 60. After a few minutes everyone sits down again and the teacher asks a person previously marked as ‘having aids’ to stand up, and then everyone that wrote down that person’s name, who supposedly has aids/hiv too. Then anyone having their names had to stand up as well… and so on. So it comes to the point where every single person in the room is standing.

I think they’re trying to make a similar point, to show how easy it is to get aids, a way to make the statistic be more than a random number, but something that people can relate to. 

Do you think they managed? Would you relate to it more this way?

(in case you were wondering, yes, this ad was not made for an NGO, but it was made  for World Aids Day)

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